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CareRelay is the ideal service for those seeking a dependable way to take care of their home care needs. With CareRelay, you'll be able to quickly find experienced and qualified caregivers for whatever task you need assistance with. Our platform makes it simple to search for the ideal caregiver, schedule an appointment, and manage your care requirements. We also offer a selection of additional services, including grocery delivery and rideshare assistance. With CareRelay, you can be secure in the knowledge that your home care needs are being handled quickly and effectively.

  • Secure access medical records
  • Share your data easily with doctors and family
  • Own your own healthcare journey
  • Integrated Services

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- Our Promise: -

To handle your data with care

Security - Privacy - Permanent storage

  • Bank-level encryption standards, regular external audits and strong account controls enable secure exchange of sensitive medical imaging records.
  • All health information is stored in its local jurisdiction to ensure compliance with HIPAA and PHIPA regulatory standards.
  • Your records will be stored on PocketHealth in full diagnostic quality forever. Access them from any device, anywhere, any time.

Watch the youTube video to understand how CareRelay can Help.

  • Consumer engagement for Health Systems.
  • Managed patient journey from hospital to home.
  • Family caregiver home management.
  • Remote care solutions integrated.
  • e-Commerce and 3rd party service providers.

Why CareRelay

  • Many people no longer live in the same city, province or country as their parents.
  • People are living longer, the average life expectancy in World has grown to 80 plus years.
  • People want to stay in their own homes as they age or while healing from an accident or surgery
  • We live in a time of instant gratification; people want things immediately and with little to no effort. This application makes that happen with all aspects of a caregivers life.
  • - ABOUT US -

    Vision, mission & values

    Relieve burden and stress for caregivers and their loved ones

    Empower caregivers and loved ones to take control of their lives

    Distribute care among family and friends

    Ai distributes workload over the care team and engages services as needed

    Bridging silos for better care

    One-stop solution for - personal medical data - family data - services on demand

    Hospital to Home

  • Inpatient Discharge
  • Before and after clinic appointments
  • Pre and post Surgery
  • Complinace Reporting
  • Aging Parents

  • Aging at home
  • Aging in Long-term care facility
  • Meals or Groceries Delivery
  • Reporting to family
  • Critical Illness Services

  • Schedule PSW
  • On demand services
  • Vital Clinical Information in your hand
  • Emergency Services

  • Support for families as they manage the care of their loved ones during life’s most challenging times.
  • Wellness Center

  • Use for your personal tracking
  • Share in case of emergency
  • Family monitoring
  • Divorced parents
  • Children with Disabilities

  • Helping parents coordinate care
  • Engage community services
  • Metal Health

  • Self and family care
  • Care team supporting role
  • HiPPA

  • CareRelay is a HiPPA secure application that allows family members to manage care of a loved one from anywhere.
  • Over 100,000+ peoples are daily visit.

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